Advanced Children: A Mother’s Struggle

Advanced Children: A Mother’s Struggle

Let me be the first to say I don’t think I have a genius baby by any means, however she is insanely advanced. Sometimes I feel like I skipped the 6-9 month stage completely. In a way I feel robbed; everybody else’s children are rolling, crawling and making their way around furniture; then I look at my baby and she’s been walking, talking and doing incredible things for months now. On one hand it is truly amazing, on the other hand I am envious of other parents.

Let me just start off by saying I have a one year old daughter named Aylah. She’s the baby that lights up my world. Her father and my fiance was also a very advanced baby, he was unlocking deadbolts and leaving the house at 10 months old as well as answering phones. I was an average baby, nothing special about me (haha).

I first found out that my daughter was advanced as soon as I had her. She held up her own head without a struggle, about 2 weeks later she was rolling over by herself. My other friends with children called me a liar behind my back and I knew it. I’ll be the first to admit once you have a baby it’s a bit of a competition, everyone wants their baby to be the cutest, and the most advanced… nobody will tell you that but I will. Anyways, after taking video of Aylah rolling at 2 weeks and bragging I soon realized that her advancements didn’t stop there. My daughter started walking and talking at 7 months.. yes 7 months. All my friends who had babies the same age were and are very envious. Her hand-eye coordination was off the scale. She was able to do puzzles and put her shoes on the right feet. Today Aylah is 1 year and 1 month old. She is walking, talking and fully potty trained.

Here is my theory, while I was pregnant with her I did the unthinkable. I ate sushi. Yes cooked, raw and delicious sushi. I ate sushi almost everyday during my pregnancy because it was my main craving (along with bubblegum ice cream). I think the vitamins that all the fish I was eating helped her mental and physical development while in the womb. I look back now and I feel like this may have something to do with her advanced developmental stages.

I have lost fellow mom friends due to Aylahs advancements. Not that I meant to brag and gloat but as a parent when your child does something amazing, you want to announce it to the world. I haven’t decided if it is just their jealousy or if I shouldn’t have let anyone know about my daughter.


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