Does He Even Realize? 

Does He Even Realize? 

Truth is, probably not. Men are not mind readers. If there has been anything I’ve learned about relationships is that men cannot read between the lines. You have to give exact directions to men.

 I heard a funny story the other day about a husband and wife.

 About 5 years ago, the wife’s birthday was coming up  and the husband asked her if she wanted a cake. She said no, and he said okay. Every single year after that the husband would ask the wife if she wanted a cake and he would get the same response “no thanks sweetie”. Just recently it was the wife’s birthday again, and a few days after she asked the husband “why do you never get me a cake? I thought you would surprise me one day.” Moral of the story, men cannot read minds. 

I always hope that my fiance will come home with flowers out of the blue for me. One day, do you know what he said to me. “I was gonna stop and get you flowers… but then I didn’t.” …well thanks. I always see those photos on Facebook of men putting rose pedals on the bed and the caption is relationship goals. Where do you find men like that? My fiance is horrible at surprises. However if there is one thing I have learned, it’s not because your man doesn’t care; it’s because romance is not something every man can relate to. It is not important to them, it does not get their hearts beating fast like it does to ours.

 Women are complicated. You cannot expect a man to know what you want, you need to communicate. Be specific. Men, you need to remember that every woman wants that romance. Take the time out of your day and get her the flowers, if you can’t afford flowers get her a damn chocolate bar. If you can’t afford a chocolate bar, back rubs are free! Honor your women, we work hard to make you happy. We take care of your kids, make your meals, we work hard too! 


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